How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative EssayHas your instructor asked you to submit an argumentative essay? Well, then after selecting a good topic for your argumentative essay, make sure to create an argumentative essay outline. Basically, an essay outline is a plan for your academic paper. Mainly, with the help of the essay outline, you can structure and organize your ideas by dividing them into different sections in a way that is clear and understandable to your readers. Also, it will aid you in presenting all the important points in your essay without omitting any. In general, it is not necessary to sketch an outline, but experts recommend creating an outline because of the several benefits it provides.

In case, you are about to write an argumentative essay, then firstly draft an essay outline. Sometimes, your instructor will ask you to get approval for your essay outline before you begin crafting the content for your essay.

Do you know how to develop an argumentative essay outline? If you are unsure, then have a look at this blog post. Especially, to help you out, here we have shared everything related to the argumentative essay outline with examples.

An Overview of Argumentative Essay

Before we get to know about argumentative essay outline, first, let us see what an argumentative essay means.

An argumentative essay is one of the popular essay types that present an argument on a topic with supporting evidence. Mainly, this essay type will allow you to defend a position on a topic using evidence from your personal experience, literature, and research results in support of your viewpoint.

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay, you should initially identify a good topic. Next, you should analyze both sides of the issue that is related to your argumentative essay topics and pick a side. Then, you should aim to write your essay by including both sides of the issue with an assessment of each and explain why the side you support is considered the best with valid proofs, statistics, or facts.

An argumentative essay is said to be good only if it

  • Engages the readers with an interesting topic or issue.
  • Focuses on an issue from all perspectives.
  • Presents the counterarguments as per the viewpoints of the writer.
  • Convinces the readers to accept the new point of view.

So, keeping all these points in mind, you should compose a brilliant argumentative essay with a powerful thesis statement and logical points relevant to the thesis statement. Typically, in your argumentative essay, you should make an attempt to prove your thesis statement with proper examples or pieces of evidence.

Steps for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Listed below are the essential steps that will help you to come up with a great argumentative essay.

  1. Firstly, select an argumentative essay topic that is broad enough to generate a strong argument.
  2. Secondly, research the chosen topic and gather the major points for discussion.
  3. Thirdly, with the gathered ideas, create a well-structured argumentative essay outline.
  4. Next, elaborate on the outline and compose an excellent argumentative essay as per the standard format that includes key components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. Note that, your argumentative essay should explain your viewpoints with perfect examples or facts that are convincing to your readers. Furthermore, your content should also be written according to the essay writing guidelines or instructions shared by your instructor.
  5. Lastly, after you complete writing the essay, make sure to proofread and edit it. The final draft of the argumentative essay that is ready for submission should be free from errors and plagiarism issues.

Know How to Compose an Argumentative Essay Outline

In the essay writing process, creating an outline is one of the most important steps. If you wish to write a persuading argumentative essay, then, first, compose a well-organized argumentative essay outline.

In a nutshell, an argumentative essay outline is a plan with which you can track the important points and structure the raw data effectively. Basically, it provides a clear route for your essay to follow. In case, you want to develop an argumentative essay outline, remember to follow the standard 5-paragraph structure that includes the following essential sections.

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Argumentative Essay Introduction

The introduction is the opening section that your readers will notice first when they begin reading your essay. So, it should be catchy enough to hold the attention of your readers and should tempt them to read till the end. Furthermore, in this section, you should also educate your readers about your topic by providing brief background information on it.

Do you know how to write a catchy argumentative essay introduction? If you have no idea about it, then follow the tips that are mentioned below.

Start with a hook

Begin writing your argumentative essay introduction with a hook sentence so that you can engage your readers and make them stick to your essay.

Basically, there are different types of essay hooks available. Therefore, depending on the nature of your essay, topic, and target readers, you can choose any suitable hook type.

Never write the whole introduction paragraph as a hook. Just a single catchy hook sentence is enough to grab the attention of your readers. Your essay hook can be an anecdote, a question, an interesting fact, statistics, a controversial statement, or a funny story.

The following are some essay hook examples.

Question hook: Do you know how much plastic waste you produce every year?

Statistical hook: According to the National Soft Drink Association, the annual consumption of soda by U.S. citizens is 600 cans.

Explain your point of view

In the introductory paragraph, after adding a catchy hook sentence relevant to your topic, explain the importance of your essay topic to your readers based on the knowledge you have. In addition to that, also present brief background information on the topic.

Never add too much information about your topic in the introduction because it will lessen the interest of your readers. By using a couple of lines, concisely inform your readers what topic you are going to discuss in your essay.

Compose a thesis statement

The thesis statement is the crux of an essay. At the end of your introduction, include a strong thesis statement backed up with evidence.

Your thesis statement should mainly describe the purpose of your essay and the key point that your essay topic focuses on. Usually, the body paragraphs of the essay will revolve around the thesis statement. So, you should state a powerful statement associated with your topic.

After you wrap up your introductory paragraph with a concise and to-the-point thesis statement, concentrate on writing the body paragraphs.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

  • In several countries around the globe, laborers are not given the right to freedom of expression. Usually, the lack of freedom of expression will affect the performance of a person. Providing them with their right to strike and speak against violations will encourage them to work well. So, countries all over the globe should allow laborers to go on strike and raise their voices.
  • Nowadays, students wake up, spend time with their phones, dress up and rush to school or college without having their breakfast. Actually, many students do not know the significance of breakfast and hence skip it. Studies have stated that breakfast is the essential meal of the day, especially for students.

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraphs

In an argumentative essay, the body paragraphs are the key sections in which you have to present your arguments with evidence. Here, your content should reflect what is mentioned in the thesis statement.

In order to explain your argument, you can use a maximum of two or three paragraphs to support or negate the thesis statement. But each paragraph should deal with a topic sentence along with supporting details.

Claim, Evidence, and Counter Arguments are the essential components that you have to include in the body paragraphs of your argumentative essay.


In an argumentative essay, it is necessary to make your claim. Mainly, in the topic sentence, you should include your claim and inform your audience what that specific body paragraph focuses on.

In general, a claim is used to define the goal, scope, and direction of your argument. So, mandatorily, you should have a claim to compose a top-notch argumentative essay.


Just having a claim statement alone in your body paragraph is not enough. Especially, to convince your readers, you must explain your argument with valid facts and evidence.

The evidence you provide should be accurate and original because the reality of your argumentative essay entirely relies on the credibility of the facts that you present in support of your claims.

To prove your thesis statement, you can use any type of evidence such as real-life examples, statistics, authorities, analogies, and hypothetical questions.


Generally, many writers ignore to focus on opposing arguments. But in your argumentative essay, instead of focusing on one perspective, you should particularly present the arguments on both sides of an issue.

Make sure to add opposing views and counterarguments, after presenting evidence for your claims. Also, remember to give evidence to disprove your counterarguments.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion

It is the last section of the argumentative essay outline where you have to conclude the essay. Similar to the introduction, the conclusion section should also be engaging.

Never end your essay abruptly without a strong concluding statement. If you do so, then the entire purpose of writing an argumentative essay will become useless.

So, try to conclude your essay with an impressive conclusion section by including the following.

  1. Thesis restatement.
  2. Summary of basic arguments.
  3. A course of action for your readers.

Remember to write the conclusion section similar to the length of the introduction section. For a short essay, compose the introduction and the conclusion using a single paragraph.

Avoid adding new ideas or extra information in the conclusion paragraph. The whole section should be simple, concise, and effective.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Examples

  • Sports play a predominant role in maintaining a healthy life. If each one of us plays sports, then we will have a healthier society. However, we should be certain enough to play sports that are not dangerous to our life. So, always prefer to play sports that are challenging and exciting.
  • Children are not better learners than adults. The ability of learning usually fluctuates according to the motivation and enthusiasm level of a person. Hence, the learning capability of an individual should not be generalized based on age.

Argumentative Essay Outline Template

While sketching the outline, stick to the below-mentioned standard argumentative essay outline template.


  • Catchy hook sentence relevant to the topic
  • Brief background information
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraphs (1, 2, 3)

  • Purpose
  • Topic Sentence
  • Explain Topic Sentence
  • State Evidence
  • Explain Evidence
  • Concluding Sentence

Counterargument Paragraph

  • Purpose
  • Include arguments and refute them
  • End paragraph with a concluding sentence that reasserts the claim of your paper


  • Thesis restatement
  • Summary
  • Call-to-action

The Bottom Line

We hope you are now clear on how to write an argumentative essay outline. The essay you compose completely depends on the outline you prepare. So, while composing your argumentative essay, make sure to follow the steps for writing an argumentative essay outline that is shared above.

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